The Random Question Survey

By Shea Duncan

            One of the most intriguing things I own is a thin paperback called The Book of Questions. It contains about 270 questions of both superficial and deep nature, questions designed (said the author) to be thought-provoking and perhaps start conversations; questions whose answers might just reveal a little more about either yourself or the person to whom the inquiry is posed. I was curious to see what answers SPC students and staff might have to these queries, so I picked four from the book that stood out to me and set out around campus to find what they had to say. As you read your classmates’ responses, think: how would you answer?

Question 1: 
“For an all-expense-paid, one week vacation anywhere in the world, would you be willing to kill a beautiful butterfly by pulling off its wings? What about stepping on a cockroach? If yes to both questions, why one and not the other?”

"No. Yeah. Cockroaches are the spawn of Satan.”-Nicole Miele, age 18
 "No, and yes, because I think butterflies are representative of the spirit.” -Ashley Gillum
"Just one? Yeah. Yeah." -John Macaspac, age 26
"Because stepping on it's quick, pulling its wings is just mean. Plus cockroaches like are filthy and carry diseases." -Katie Gisonni, age 21
“Yes. Yes. Cause it’s an insect and I’m going anywhere I want to go.” –Mike Crews, 33
 “No, it’s bad luck, bad karma.” “Hell yeah!” “Because one actually, like the caterpillars and stuff, like help the flowers and stuff, but cockroaches are just filthy…they bring disease.” –James Farley, age 48.
  "Yes! (laughs) It's one butterfly!" -Meghan Bentley, age 17
"Yes, are you kidding me?" -Nick Grosseibl, age 19

Question 2:
“For what in your life do you feel most grateful?”

"Family."-Sarah Henriksen, age 17
“I think the ability to communicate…like, to form relationships and express emotions, especially love, you know? How hard would it be if you couldn’t do that? So probably that.” –Aaliyah Anderson, age 19
"Family and friends" –Lindsay Nobles, age 17
"People that like to hang out with me." –Tyler Dodson, age 17
“I guess that my wife survived cancer. That’s a tough question, there’s a lot of things to be grateful for.” – Mike Crews, age 46
 "Community." John Macaspac, age 26
"God." -Katie Gisonni, age 21
“Friends and family.” Ryan Curry, age 19

Question 3:
“You are driving late at night in a safe but deserted neighborhood when a dog suddenly darts in front of your car. Though you slam on the brakes, you hit the animal. Would you stop to see how injured the animal was? If you did so and found that the dog was dead but had a name tag, would you contact the owner?”
 “Yes, and yes. Cause I have two dogs and if somebody killed my dog I’d want to know instead of them just throwing it in a ditch and me never knowing what happened to it. ” – Mike Crews, 33
“Anonymously. Just call and say I found a dead dog on the side of the road…shouldn’t have been out at two o’clock in the morning.” –James Farley, age 48

Question 4:
“If you had the choice of one intimate soul mate and no other close friends, or of no such soul mate and many friends and acquaintances, which would you choose?”

"Soulmate."-Sarah Henriksen, age 17
 "The second one." –John Mascapac, age 26
“Soulmate. There’s a lot of people that will be close to you but will never get you, and I would trade 100 million people that knew me for one person that understood me.” –Mike Crews, age 46
 “Probably friends….because in terms of relationships, you can have a lot of different bonds on different levels. Having a soulmate is always nice, but if you can connect with a wide variety of people and make those relationships, it’s equally, if not more, beautiful.” –Aaliyah Anderson, age 19
 "I'd pick the one, but it wouldn't be easy." -Nick Grosseibl, age 19

"I mean right now, I don't have a soulmate or significant other, and I'm okay- but would I want  that forever? I don't know." -Meghan Bentley, age 17

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